Spring Creek Academy

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6000 Custer Rd.
Building 5
Plano, TX 75023


About Spring Creek Academy

Tuition and Fees

Thank you for your interest in Spring Creek Academy, a leading private school for the gifted, talented, and highly motivated. We serve the greater Dallas metroplex located in Plano, Texas.  Students at Spring Creek Academy thrive in a culture of success and goal oriented students without the distractions found so often in the public school systems. We are fully accredited by the state of Texas, offering grades 1-12. Our goal is to provide a learning environment conducive to success with class size averaging eight qualified students.

We are a half-day school program with a morning session from 8:30-11:30, and an afternoon session from 12:15-3:15. A half day program is one where a full academic schedule is compressed into one half the time. This enables the students to participate in extracurricular activities in a more vigorous way.  Thus our students have a balanced education, but in a highly focused venue. Parents are often unsure of a half-day program because it is not what they have come to expect from other schools. Spring Creek Academy has been doing this innovative educational program for over 10 years with outstanding success. We measure the performance of the students each year against the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) to insure that we are meeting expectations. SCA continues to score in the top 2% of all schools that use the ITBS test. This is based on the average score of all students enrolled in SCA.

We often see students actually improve their overall core test scores year after year as proof of the education format here at Spring Creek Academy. In addition to the annual testing, our students are graduating fully prepared to attend the top universities in the country, as demonstrated by our track record. Because all our students are immersed in a school environment surrounded by so many highly motivated, successful, goal-oriented students, the personal motivation bar is raised for all. Success breeds success. Most, if not all, of SCA’s graduating seniors who sought scholarships received them because of their dedicated work at Spring Creek Academy and their pursuits of excellence in their chosen endeavors. Spring Creek Academy is not just for the already accomplished athletes or performers, but those aspiring to be outstanding. SCA is actively recruiting students who may have an interest in attending.

SCA graduates are now attending some of the finest universities in the country. Our graduates are attending universities such as Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, Texas A&M, SMU, University of Texas, Baylor, Alabama State, Arizona State, Florida State, Illinois State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State University, University of Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and North Carolina. We even have an alumnus at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

We are equally proud of our students’ achievements outside of our classrooms from, two Olympic Gold medalists, World and National Champions, and other accolades given to our students in the arts. The student body is very diverse including gymnasts, ice skaters, hockey players, tennis players, golfers, equestrians, soccer players, accomplished instrumentalists, dancers, and actors that have appeared in many films. We also host foreign exchange students from time to time who come to study and practice their skills here in the Dallas area.